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21 2013 Sep

Author Joseph Brady featured on A Book and a Chat

Author Joseph Brady was recently featured on the Blog Talk Radio show, A Book and a Chat, hosted by Barry Eva. Click below to listen to the full interview:

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21 2013 Aug

Author Joseph Brady Featured on TagBlatt Zurich

Author Joseph Brady and his novel, The Zurich Decision, were featured on Swiss news outlet, TagBlatt Zurich:

“Ich wusste nicht viel über Zürich”
Einen Thriller zu schreiben, der in Zürich spielt, ohne jemals zuvor die Stadt besucht zu haben – der US-amerikanische Autor Joseph Brady hat das getan. In Miami schrieb er «The Zurich Decision», eine Story im Dickicht korrupter Wissenschaftler und CEOs, die er jetzt veröffentlicht. Um die Forschung an einem bisher unbekannten Molekül zu finanzieren, schreckt der Boss eines Zürcher Pharmazieunternehmens auch vor kriminellen Kanälen nicht zurück. MEHR LESEN.

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2 2013 Jul

Author Joseph Brady Featured on The Local

Author Joseph Brady and his novel, The Zurich Decision, were featured on Swiss news outlet, The Local:

US writer sets thriller in Zurich – then moves there
When Miami-based author Joseph Brady, 38, wrote his first novel, The Zurich Decision, he set it in Switzerland — even though he’d never set foot in the country. Then his wife was offered a job there, and fiction turned into reality . . . READ MORE.

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7 2013 May

Now available in paperback!

Joseph Brady Publishing is happy to announce that the print edition of the book is now available on Amazon in the United States. To pick up your copy today, go to:

…and don’t forget to leave a review! International customers may purchase their copies here:

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15 2013 Feb

The Zurich Decision Book Release

PRESS RELEASE – March 15, 2013

Joseph Brady Books is happy to announce the release of The Zurich Decision, March 15th 2013! The novel will be released through Bucks County Publishing and will be available in the following formats:

Please note: International customers can purchase the book electronically through the Smashwords link.

ISBN-10: 0983598592
ISBN-13: 978-0-9835985-9-6

Check in soon for more information! In the meantime, check out this sneak peek of the book:


The Zurich Decision Sneak Peek

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14 2013 Feb

The Zurich Decision – SNEAK PEEK

“Mr. Kastner, what a pleasure to finally meet you in person,” said The Elephant.  “Sorry I’m late.”

The Elephant grabbed Stephen’s hand and wrist, shook his arms vigorously, looked up and smiled.

“Mr. Elephant,” Stephen muttered, trying to hide his nervous tension, “please sir, the pleasure’s all mine.  I was just enjoying the architecture of this room.  It’s truly delightful.  These windows remind me of palaces I’ve seen in Granada.”

The Elephant beamed.  “Did you know, Mr. Kastner, that the Moors conquered the Christians in Spain during the year 711 and held power for more than five hundred years until that bitch, Isabella, kicked them out of Granada in 1492?  Indeed, those palaces you visited are beautiful, but the true origin of Moorish civilization in Spain lies in Cordoba.”

Stephen nodded and glanced at himself in the mirror on the far wall.  He was drenched in sweat from the heat, but yet admired how his square jaw and tapered nose made him look dignified.  He was a tall German-American with light green eyes and, although he had a relatively thin frame, his suit hung well on his shoulders and his graying hair gave him a look of distinction.

“All throughout Southern Spain,” The Elephant continued, “you’ll find the beauty of Arab culture, and you’ll see that our influence still exists today.”

“That’s interesting, Mr. Achm—”

“Ah, ah, Mr. Kastner.  Remember, my name will always be Mr. Elephant to you, sir.  Please make it a habit not to forget.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Elephant.  It won’t happen again.”  Stephen studied the small Arab standing in front of him.  He had a dark goatee and a somewhat pointed nose and in no way resembled an elephant.

“If I may be so bold to ask: why an elephant, sir?”  Stephen asked.  “Why not give yourself the name of a tiger or a somewhat more intimidating animal?”

“Have you not seen a wild elephant up close, Mr. Kastner?”

“No, admittedly not.”

The Arab grinned.  “Clearly you haven’t.  Let me tell you something; when a person sees a wild elephant up close, they never forget it.  The elephant is an immense animal that exudes power.  Most of all though, is that as tranquil and docile as an elephant may look to you, Mr. Kastner, it can be an extraordinarily dangerous animal when provoked; far more dangerous than a tiger, in fact,” he said.  “Speaking of animals, come with me please.  I’d like to show you something.”

He and his entourage led Stephen down several immaculate halls until they reached a spiral stairway at the end of the building.  Stephen eyed the man nearest to him, settling on the AK-47 in his arms.  The man took notice, and although Stephen couldn’t see his mouth through the black cloth, the creases in the Arab’s eyes revealed that he was smiling.

The group walked in silence, and Stephen noted that as they descended, the walls appeared more worn and void of luxurious decorations.  With each step, Stephen became more apprehensive.  He tentatively followed the Elephant down a sunlit hallway and through a shabby, wooden door.  Pulse racing, his mind began to broadcast images of firing squads in places similar to this.

“This way please, Mr. Kastner.”  The Elephant said, steering him out the door into a small dirt courtyard framed by large, open arches.  In the center of the square stood another Arab dressed totally in black and holding a large pit bull on a leash.  The dog had a massively thick head and salivated through pointy teeth as it barked incessantly at the men.  .

The Elephant turned and faced his guest.  “I’m afraid, Mr. Kastner, that the time has come for me to resolve an important issue.”  Stephen felt his body tremble.  He never dreamed his life would end like this.  A thousand questions filtered through his head, and yet he couldn’t speak.  He wondered if he had been set up by his CEO, or perhaps it was something as simple as almost mentioning the Elephant’s true name.

The Elephant smiled.

“What’re you so scared of, Mr. Kastner?”  The Elephant asked.  “You’re like a gazelle that runs away at the sight of even the smallest animal.”  The men laughed but the dog never stopped barking.  “In fact, your code name is officially to be ‘Gazelle’.  From this point forward, you’ll no longer have a Western name in my presence.  I shall always call you Gazelle.”

The men laughed again for a short time before they focused on the barking dog.  The Elephant motioned for Stephen to come closer to the barking animal, but he didn’t dare move.  Finally, one of the Arabs pushed him from behind and swept his legs out from under him, forcing him to kneel amidst a cloud of dust.

“Please, Mr. Gazelle, I insist.”  The Elephant stared at Stephen and watched as he was forced to the ground.  “Leave your comfort zone for just a moment.  I won’t allow Theodore to harm you.  Of course, I understand your fear as Theodore could strip your bones within a matter of minutes.  Don’t worry though; he’s really just a teddy bear in wolf’s clothing.”

Stephen was petrified and a slight breeze filled his lungs with dust.  As he lifted his head, he also felt the sudden chill of steel from a rifle pressed against the back of his head.  The dog’s massive teeth were inches from his face. The Pit Bull snarled and Stephen muttered one word as he looked at the enormous salivating mouth of the dog.


“Of course, Mr. Gazelle, you may not understand this, but I would never give a dirty animal an Arabic name.  No animal is worthy of a name from my culture.  However, while studying in England, I had an economics professor of whom I was rather fond.  He was the best instructor I ever had in a Western school.  Therefore, I honor him by naming my dog after him.”  The Elephant paused momentarily as if to gather his thoughts.  “Unfortunately, as good as Theodore has been for all these years, he ultimately failed me.  You see, he lied.”

Stephen couldn’t stop shaking. His troubled mind conjured up images of Theodore mauling him until he was nothing more than remnants.  Every time the dog barked, more saliva gathered on Stephen’s face and caused the dry dirt to gather into a muddy stew.  However, he didn’t dare lift his hand to clean himself lest it be bitten off.  The Elephant walked behind the dog, and the man holding the leash gripped it tighter.  Suddenly the dog stopped barking.

The Elephant smiled sadistically as he watched Stephen tremble.  “You may be wondering how a stupid animal could lie, Mr. Gazelle, but it’s really quite simple.  You see, several years ago, I put Theodore into a school where he learned to be an educated dog and by bowing his head, he promised me that he would obey me at all times.  This past week, however, he’s been quite insubordinate and rather annoying.  His barking even cost me sleep; which is unacceptable.  By breaking his promise of obedience, Mr. Gazelle, he has lied to me, and I simply won’t accept lies; not in life or in business.”

Stephen’s eyes widened as The Elephant took a large knife from another Arab’s sheath.

COMING MARCH 15th, 2013!!!