The Zurich Decision

The Zurich Decision Book

Throughout his life, Chief Financial Officer Stephen Kastner was an honest man who helped run one of Europe’s most important pharmaceutical companies. Nevertheless, when his organization’s CEO deceitfully tells Stephen that he’ll be helping humanity by firming financing for the research of a new medicinal molecule, Stephen makes a dishonest business decision. His task is simply to arrange alternate financing for the research of this new drug. Unbeknownst to him, however, this new molecule is also highly addictive and potentially fatal. Stephen quickly learns that his decision was about more than medicine when his CEO orders him to organize a business meeting with an Iranian crime lord and a prominent Tokyo mafia boss. As the Zurich winter approaches, Stephen begins to regret his actions. Nonetheless, when one of his employees is murdered, Stephen realizes that it is too late to turn back.

As the business plan that Stephen inadvertently helped create begins to unfold, people around the world are dying from the illegal drug. In addition, the Russian assassin who murdered Stephen’s employee is now hunting him. While the mysterious compound gains popularity worldwide, Stephen finds his company under investigation by Interpol and the DEA. His life begins to unravel before his eyes. But it isn’t until an unimaginable personal tragedy occurs that Stephen must face the most horrific consequences of his actions. As a result of this event, he is forced to make one of the most important choices of his life as he attempts to lead himself on a potentially fatal path of redemption to stop the dreadful compound that he unwittingly helped create.


ISBN-10: 0983598592
ISBN-13: 978-0-9835985-9-6